Microsoft Dynamics NAV has an excellent warehouse management system built in. In many cases this is the correct answer for your warehouse management needs. However, there may be times when a more robust, feature rich, and flexible solution is needed. The below information can help determine if the HighJump WMS called Warehouse Edge (formerly AccellosOne) would benefit your business.

Warehouse functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be implemented in different complexity levels, depending on a company's processes and order volume. The main difference is that activities are performed order-by-order in basic warehousing when they are consolidated for multiple orders in advanced warehousing.

This can be a wonderful solution for your business and works great. In many cases this is the correct solution, however, If you are like many companies that use Dynamics NAV you may have been struggling with the following issues using NAV warehousing.

  • Not enough flexibility to meet customer demands
  • Limited picking functionality
  • An absence of labor productivity reporting
  • Loss in efficiency by not having certain warehousing advanced functionality
  • No Key Performance Indicators “KPI’s dashboards
  • Lacking of “Best-In-Breed” warehouse management features

The following is just a small listing of the advantages of a best of breed approach using HighJump WMS.. This allows Dynamics NAV to do what it does best and allows your warehouse operation to be the best it can be. This allows real time visibility of all your inventory at all times.  Both systems, NAV and WMS ,are tightly integrated to create end-to-end supply chain optimization.

  • Multi Zone picking
  • Full Lots/Serial/Expiry management
  • Container Receiving
  • Kitting
  • 20+ barcode supported picking styles for efficient outbound order processing
  • Carton Splitting
  • Putaway/Slotting
  • Provide a complete audit trail of all inventory movements
  • Use of product dimensions and weight to optionally precalculate carton quantity and size on outbound orders
  • Packaging Carousels/Conveyors
  • Multi-Company/ 3PL functionality
  • License Plates
  • Employee performance reporting
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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