It’s the beginning of a new year.  One that we all hope will be prosperous for our businesses.  This is also the beginning of a new year for this blog about warehouse management systems and the solutions that help companies be more efficient.  So why not start at the beginning.

Why look at a WMS?  Simple question and it carries a simple answer, why not. If you are in a business that distributes products from one or more warehouses why not look at how an electronic warehouse management system would improve your operation.  Below is a side by side list of pros and cons related to a warehouse management system;

PROS                                                             CONS

Improved receiving processes                               Possible employee push back

Increased picking efficiency                                  Potential short term slow down in work

Elimination of most all data entry                       Cost of SW, hardware, install & training

Reduction in costly errors                                      Short term disruption in business

Employee accountability tracking

Increased accuracy of Inventory


Reduction of inventory levels

Improved customer satisfaction

Increased productivity

Reduced overhead

Elimination of physical inventory costs

Increased sales

Enhanced employee accountability

Elimination of lost or outdated inventory

Reduced wear & tear on warehouse equip.

Increased profits

The pros outpace the cons 4 to 1.  Pretty strong argument for why a business that has a warehouse operation should at least look into how warehouse management system could benefit there organization.