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Understanding Cloud Business Management Systems

Current Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing Guides

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a full suite of business productivity applications (Apps) that are designed to boost productivity in the workplace, get more done with digital transformation, and share business data for better insights, all while having information on any device, and connect to Microsoft’s secure cloud. From many of the popular business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM), this useful guide will give you a better understanding of how to License all of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 products.

Microsoft Cloud Business Technology Solutions

  • Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a real-time business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights within your organization for better decision-making. Through advanced analytics, Power BI lets you turn insights into action and create a data-centric culture in an organization of any size.

  • Increase productivity for your organization by adding Microsoft’s Cloud VoIP phone system for Teams called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Voice.

  • Microsoft Fabric is a new analytics solution designed for simplicity that encompasses data science, analytics, and business intelligence. Fabric is a robust comprehensive suite of services, including data lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place.

Best Practices in Wholesale Distribution and Inventory Management

  • Written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, this white paper gives an overview of basic distribution fundamentals for profitability.

  • This document reviews areas that can help your distribution company increase its revenues. Stay current with these trends and don’t lose revenue to your competitors.

  • This paper explains 6 mistakes that Distributors make that impact their bottom line and how to address these mistakes. The topics covered include understanding who your most profitable customer is, balancing inventory turns, picking the right supplier, liquidating dead inventory, and more.

  • Examining your Current Transfer Routes are discussed in addition to balancing your inventory and analyzing product movement.

  • This article, written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, emphasizes the importance of the role that distributors have in the supply chain and makes sure that they are visible while highlighting their unique value proposition.

  • Strategies to explore and increase profitability are discussed by Jason Bader including methods for gaining operational efficiency in the supply chain.

  • Efficient Inventory Management is explored in this article by Jason Bader of The Distribution team to measure performance by not just faster inventory turns, but, by also incorporating better customer service practices along with ways to handle your inventory better.

  • This article, written by Charles Intrieri of Charles Intrieri Consulting, focuses on increasing cash flow by more effectively managing excess, obsolete, and slow-moving inventory.

  • Blockchain is here and this article gives you a better understanding of this technology along with how this can impact accounting professionals.

  • One of the most common struggles all distributors face is dealing with their dead and obsolete inventory. Jason Bader from the Distribution Team offers sound advice on how to manage dead inventory costs.

  • Errors in the supply chain cost distributors in poor customer service, unpaid receivables, wasted labor, and most importantly cash. Learn more about improving inventory accuracy through proper Cycle Counting in this article by Jason Bader.

  • This article, written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, reviews getting a better idea of net profitability by better understanding your customer base and entering some basic information for analysis in a spreadsheet.

  • This PowerPoint, presented by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team describes the critical and profitable balance inside distribution companies with inventory turns versus customer service.

  • Topics explored in this white paper by Jason Bader focus on the importance of a company to well define their unique business value statement to continually attract and maintain employees.

  • In this article written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, the focus is on income as it relates to profitability, however, focusing on a very important but also sometimes obscure area is concentration on Gross Margin.

  • This whitepaper highlights warehouse and distribution companies’ challenges and how Dynamics 365 Business Central, Insight Works apps, and an integrator can address these challenges. Topics covered include Challenges in Distribution, Microsoft Business Central, Insight Works Apps, ROI, and Cost Savings.

  • This article will explain the importance of a good vendor relationship, however, also the creation of a vendor report card into 5 sections to ensure that your company is on track to measure results and expectations.

  • Written by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team, this white paper gives relevant and practical advice on better inventory management “best practices”.

  • This article from Jason Bader of The Distribution Team focuses on Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), including expert advice from many distributors to learn about what the benefits and potential challenges are.

  • Cash is king in every business including Wholesale Distribution. This document will touch on how to find more in your business in those places where cash currently exists and to where we can prevent additional and unwarranted cash to be spent.

  • This white paper will discuss how to better manage your margins through better pricing strategies

  • With a notable shift toward digital happening worldwide, B2B e-commerce is critical to reaching and engaging with all the buyers currently flocking to online channels. But many manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are still selling offline only and are now battling to stay afloat. This guide will walk you through the goals, challenges, and opportunities in e-commerce — with regard to how it can help streamline supply chain operations and mitigate complex logistics challenges.

  • Facing the dreaded annual inventory soon? Discover key tactics on how to prepare for this monstrous event with this insightful tip-laden article by Jason Bader of The Distribution Team

  • Jason Bader from the Distribution Team provides recommendations on how to teach the importance of profitability to Branch Managers with the goal of having a Business Managers’ mentality by focusing on performance and leadership.

  • In this article, Jason Bader focuses on a name change in your distribution company that will produce significant results in the way your team of purchasing agents perceive their job.

  • This article, written by Charles Intrieri of Charles Intrieri Consulting, highlights the numerous advantages of having a “Lean Inventory” strategy including the ability to reduce costs, improve flexibility and allow more time to focus on your customers.

Popular Enhancements to Dynamics NAV/Business Central

  • Demand Planning (formerly Advanced Forecasting and Procurement), by Lanham Associates, allows companies to optimize inventory levels, increase profits, and improve customer service levels at the same time.

  • Enhanced Microsoft Business Central’s reporting capabilities and get access to quick and insightful company data for better decisions. iCepts Power BI “Power Reporting Pack” gives your business information and data-rich dashboard reports such as; Aged Accounts Payables, Aged Receivables, Aged Inventory, Top 10 Customers, Top Selling Items, Top 10 Vendors, and more!

  • Insight Works is a leader in Operational Productivity Improvement through the efficient implementation of add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • Corporate analytics and reporting built for Microsoft Dynamics delivering fast dashboards and reports in Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

  • Control and streamline your budgeting process with a simple, adaptable, and easy-to-use fiscal planning solution built for your business, your users, and your Microsoft Dynamics system.

  • Flexible Financial and Business Reporting inside of Excel and on the Web. Jet Reports allows you to get all the operational data you need, in the format that works for you.

  • Leverage the power of your Dynamics ERP System to streamline and expedite your B2B order-to-cash (O2C) process.

  • A fully integrated eCommerce Online Storefront is achievable through Sana. Sana Commerce can turn Dynamics 365 Business Central into the driver of your e-commerce experience, giving you the flexibility and web store features you need – without the added complexity of a long implementation process.

  • Shop Floor Insight is a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on for barcoded time capture, field service, time and attendance, and employee management.

  • Warehouse Insight streamlines NAV’s inventory and warehouse functionality to provide intuitive warehousing tools for inventory counts, shipping, receiving, putaway, bin management, and much more.

Best Practices in Warehouse Management

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