Microsoft Dynamics’ most recent version ( NAV 2009) is different in 3 main ways than the previous version which was called NAV 5.0.

1.  Roled-Tailored User Interface ( “Role Tailored Client-RTC”)

2.  New 3 Tier Architecutre

3.  Web Services Enablement via middle “Service Tier”

Let’s look at the Role Tailored Client:

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, businesses can help people excel at their individual jobs

Based on research into the way people really work, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers an intuitive work environment that looks and feels like familiar Microsoft products. A breakthrough user experience includes access to RoleTailored views and business processes through Role Centers that give employees the information and tools they need for their specific jobs.

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers 21 Role Centers optimized for different key employee functions. From the order processor to warehouse workers, people can quickly organize and prioritize tasks to increase productivity and effectiveness.
Give employees a solution that truly meets individual needs with a comprehensive overview of their work and tasks and the ability to personalize menus to reflect their own work styles.
Without leaving their Role Centers or juggling applications, people can use their favorite Microsoft Office programs-including Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, and more.
Minimize training costs and accelerate productivity from the start with software that looks and works with other familiar Microsoft products and technologies.
Easily customize Role Centers to provide access to role-spec

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RoleTailored Business Productivity

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