Business Intelligence Made Easy in NAV with Jet Reports

Data and business intelligence (BI) has become increasingly crucial for organizations to remain competitive. If you are using data incorrectly, or if you don’t have the data needed to guide important decisions about your investments, resources, and overall objectives, your business is at a disadvantage in our current “information fast” business environment.

Jet Report is a suite of excel integrated custom reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Built for NAV, Jet Reports gives you all the data you need – exactly the way you want it; no exporting, re-keying, reformatting, copying, or pasting.

In this presentation, we will explore how Jet Reports can:

  • Utilizing NAV’s “real-time” data to create robust reporting in excel
  • Give you immediate access to the business reports you need anywhere
  • Create financial and business reporting using familiar fields and calculations
  • Allow your company to get accurate reports faster and cut costs by up to 50%
  • Set up business queries and reporting options to customize your searches
  • Streamline your report-building process and more!  Register Today
Jet Reports