Managing your companies web site usage is important to keep unwanted or unauthorized content to be displayed. Part of our many infrastructure services is the an overall consulting and strategies at security practices. including Web Filters.  With Web Filtering, programs can be implemented to approve or not approve internet web pages depending upon rule established by the company.  Web Filtering:

Risk website security

  • Runs on new Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Has the capability to filter 280 million URL’s by 80+ categories, by risk, and by business relevance.
  • Can be utilized in Application Filtering for 1200+ applications by name, risk, or business relevance for software/websites such as Youtube or Spotify and even allows granular control of some sites (Facebook Chat, Facebook Photos, Facebook Video, etc.)
  • Capability of full Internet logging of each user.
  • Integrates with Active Directory to allow blocking or allowing by user or group.
  • Includes Malware filtering, Intrusion Detection, and blocking by extension (.mp3, .exe, etc.)

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