Your business is growing, you operate one or many warehouses, and you’re considering what kind of warehouse software system is a fit for you. These may be some of your day-to-day considerations with a companies expansion.; such as the logistics behind:

  • Supporting increased sales without increasing staff or space
  • Limitations/availability of warehouse space
  • Increasing demand/supply fluctuations
  • Paper based, bar coding or best-of-breed warehouse software
  • Cloud or on premise deployment
  • Increase order accuracy and inventory visibility
  • Integrate shipping, ASN printing, and EDI as part of the outbound order process
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs and conduct cycle counts quickly and accurately
  • Decrease warehouse labor costs and potential chargebacks and penalties from retailers
  • Utilize one of many available pick methods

HighJump can help. The HighJump Warehouse solution, offered by iCepts Technology Group, was built by supply chain experts to provide the out-of-the box tools and the extensibility to tackle even the most difficult tasks in the warehouse.

ENTERPRISE SCALABILITY  HighJump Warehouse is designed for small to mid-sized businesses, meaning it doesn’t require an army of IT staff to support. You are able to start with the functionality that you need now at a price that makes sense, and scale for growth over time. Our seamlessly integrated modules and applications are available to you when you need them.

BREADTH, DEPTH, AND REACH  HighJump Warehouse is built on a web-centric platform with standard best-of-breed warehouse management features, as well as dynamic directed putaway, several bar code supported picking styles, container building, cartonization, repackaging, voice and RFID to name a few.

ADVANCED WORKFLOW ENGINE  We’ve incorporated Microsoft’s advanced workflow engine in the HighJump Platform. Workflow empowers you to customize the functionality of the WMS rather than writing code. Better results and easier upgrades.

ADVANCED EVENT ENGINE  The new Advanced Event Engine provides powerful tools designed to leverage the system to deliver real-time information on behalf of your employees. The system can tap new orders, receipts, bills, or customers that meet user defined criteria and generate emails, text messages, workflows, database updates or custom actions.

EXTENSIBLE PERFORMANCE REPORTING  HighJump WMS incorporates the powerful HighJump Report application to enhance the core reporting capability, deliver new Performance Reports, and allow for better user definable reporting extensions.

ENHANCED SUPPLY CHAIN INTELLIGENCE  HighJump WMS delivers more powerful access to key performance indicators (KPIs) that can assist a business manager in more effectively making decisions within their business. New Pivot capabilities enable users’ virtually limitless ways to slice and dice information.

ONE MODULAR SOLUTION SUITE TO FIT YOUR ERP Functionality is important. Couple that with a tight integration to your ERP and an enduring company that cares for its customers and its R and D budget, and you’ve got a good fit.

HighJump’s configurable web services integration platform stands between the warehouse and your ERP, order management, ecommerce or purchasing system(s). Leverage one of the many prebuilt integration toolkits for popular ERP systems from Microsoft, (such as WMS for Microsoft Dynamics NAV), Sage, SAP, NetSuite, Infor and more. Here are some examples of modules within the HighJump solutions suite:

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