As a follow up to our previous discussion, the following WMS modules are available as standard or optional features in Accellos One Warehouse Management Systems.  To provide customers with maximum flexibility and cost effective solutions, iCepts Technology Group and Accellos offers three pre-packages editions, as well as modular licensing that lets customers pinpoint the functionality that fits best with their companies unique warehouse management needs.

The pre-packaged editions: Collect Edition, Manage Edition, and Fullfill Edition are designed to meet the requirements and scope of a variety of distribution centers.  All additional functionality offered by Accellos One Warehouse is licensed individually on a modular basis, which included optional modules and toolkits.

To present a sample of features in  warehouse management systems, see below:


Using dimensional data and standard boxes, this module enables the splitting of a “pick-and-pack” order into cartons before releasing it for picking. This facilitates picking to final carton in many environments.


This module enables directed putaway, which allows a putaway driver to search for an appropriate bin to which to move a product during Receiving, Fill Bins, and Direct Move functions. Suggestions provided to the user are based on empty bins, or current bin locations. The module also provides slotting reports to improve productivity.


The Multi-Location/ Site Transfer module allows a single Accellos installation to manage multiple locations, controls visibility between locations, and provides tools for efficiently.


Allows a site to define their expected standards, and subsequently to use those standards for labor estimates and metrics relative to expected.


This module enables Returned Materials Authorizations (RMAs), which allows customers to return products to the warehouse. It automatically generates purchase order for the returned goods, with the appropriate RMA codes.


The packaging functionality supports a warehouse with substantial repackaging operations. It helps prioritize and manage the repackaging lines.


This module supports various brands of horizontal carousels and vertical lift modules (VLM), plus provides support for conveyor automation.


This functionality supports distribution centers that service multiple companies or are third-party logistic (3PL) providers, and multi-company warehouses. 3PLs are specialized ‘outsource’ warehouse operators.


This module provides a standard set of interface points that can be used to integrate popular multi-carrier shipping systems like ClipperShip and Imagine.


This module enables purchase orders to be entered into Accellos One Warehouse through Web Dispatch. Web order entry is used by warehouses that do not have a host system, by third-party logistics (3PL) providers that do not use a single host system, or to provide a web order-entry portal suitable for B2B sales.


The RFID Toolkit provides a standard set of integration points that can be used by an RFID middleware provider to develop specific RFID enabled functions within the warehouse.


Provides slotting functionality for the optimal placement of products within the warehouse.  Useful to optimize warehouse layout and maximize picker productivity by ensuring high-volume products are stored in their best possible bin.  Also, there are unique product handling requirements and/or restrictions that could be relevant for certain materials such as: freezers, hazardous materials, act.


We hope this information give you an idea of the functionally and benefits of a “best-in-breed” Warehouse Management System (WMS).  As noted before, certain options are available with different packages of the Accellos One system and it is best to contact us for a free assessment and pricing to determine the appropriate warehousing solution for your company.  Contact us now for additional information on Warehouse Management Systems by contacting us today by Clicking Here!