Are signs in your distribution organization pointing to outgrown systems and processes in which to manage operational pressures to meet ever increasing customer demand?  In a complex supply chain management environment, warehouse challenges include taking the pressure off of the retail scorecard, how to handle seasonal demand, standard retail compliance requirements, daily inventory snapshots, and routing requirements improvement coordinated through some form of a warehouse inventory tracking system or a completely manual one.

When seeking warehouse optimization, starting analysis around your eCommerce Distribution operations could include the following questions:

  • Do you generate EDI 846 Inventory Reports daily or hourly?Smiling male manager using handheld in a large warehouse
  • What if your operators could more than double their picking productivity through improved processes?
  • What if you could use standard processes to streamline picking operations and optimize by product commonality rather than by inefficient order groupings by customer / retailer?
  • What if single-unit orders became your most efficient order type?
  • What if you could provide Amazon with detailed cartonization data for routing instructions in advance of order picking, then use the data for order picking optimization?

Customers that utilize Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are ready for the future by profitably and consistently fulfilling direct-to-consumer orders through eCommerce channels while maintaining traditional fulfillment. Some even print 75+ customer-specific pack slips on a daily basis! They optimize their processes to efficiently pick eCommerce orders from an in-house storefront alongside drop-ships from various big-box retailers.

Both picking and packing are optimized for efficient operations to meet increasing service level demands. Carrier label printing and manifesting are integrated into the outbound order process to further streamline operations. Track and trace information is integrated into ERP and storefront applications to better manage customer expectations.

When it comes to high-volume unit and case picks, Warehouse Management System already knows the order characteristics (dimensions, weight, contents by box) to provide EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) information up front, as well as a cartonization report for Amazon routing and carrier DIM rating. Pickers can then pick direct to shipping containers and stage orders for hauling onto the trucks.

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