Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Navision” ERP system is a popular and robust Business Management System used by over 80,000 customers worldwide.  Below Warehouse Management functionality examples within the system.

Automated Data Capture System

Capture data automatically. Keep data accurate, even in a hectic environment. Uses Application Server and supports some of the  workflows in Warehouse Management Systems that enables warehouse automation.

Bin Setup

Easily set up and maintain your bins by defining both the layout of your warehouse and dimensions of your racks, columns, and shelves; set up and maintain your planning parameters by defining the limitations and characteristics of each bin.

Internal Picks and Put-Aways

Create pick and put-away orders for internal purposes, without using a source document (such as a purchase order or a sales order). For example, pick items for testing or put away production output.

Warehouse Management Systems

Manage items on a bin level. Receive and put away items in a bin; pick items from a bin according to a put-away template; and pick items based on the zone and bin ranking. Move items between bins using a report for optimizing the space usage and the picking

process or move items manually. Warehouse instruction documents are created for the pick and put-away process, which can be carried out for sales, purchase, transfers, returns, and production orders. Service Orders is not included. To effectively use this granule, it is recommended that you also purchase the Put Away, Warehouse Receipt, Pick, and Warehouse Shipment granules.

There are 2 different versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV; Business Essentials (BE) and Advanced Management (AM).  Functionality of these two versions differ and it is best to contact us to determine which version would work best for your company.  Also, keep in mind we also provide a “best in breed’ Warehouse Management System from Accellos that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well.  Contacts us for more information here or download the entire report at: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product Capabilities