Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV ERP are fully integrated with Highjump WMS (warehouse management software).

We know that no two warehouses are alike, which is why Highjump Warehouse is designed to give customers a way to implement new technology tools to support business growth at a pace and budget their organization is most comfortable with. With the flexibility to purchase products which include only the functions required by their business, customers are provided with complete control over their warehouse management system, and thus, their business.

Highjump’s solutions leverage the latest industry technologies to provide our users with a web-based WMS that consolidates and streamlines warehouse processes while improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Highjump Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central

The Highjump Warehouse interface enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central users to enjoy the functionalities of Highjump’s warehouse management system and Radio Frequency (RF) functionalities in one seamlessly integrated software solution.


Highjump Warehouse’s versatility is the key to your success. Because Highjump has integrations for the Microsoft ERP suite of applications, users are able to take control of their supply chain from start to finish with Highjump  Warehouse. Highjump Warehouse’s modular structure allows users to tailor their warehouse management system to meet their unique individual needs.

Improve Warehouse Performance

  • Streamline operations and material handling processes
  • Meet retail compliance demands
  • Access real-time status updates
  • Improve operational efficiency (labor reduction)
  • Integrate with various material handling equipment including carousels, conveyors and pick to light systems
  • Integrate multi-carrier shipping to further streamline outbound processes
  • Optionally receive multiple POs and pick multiple SOs at a time
  • Optionally, use batch driven, paper based picking documents to collect orders and validate at a packing station

Improve Accuracy and Inventory Visibility

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and keying errors associated with manual processes
  • Gain complete visibility into warehouse contents
  • View real-time inventory, sales order and purchase order status
  • Maintain an accurate perpetual inventory without interrupting operations using real-time cycle counting
  • Refine inventory control and management
  • Drive costs out of every warehouse operation by using wireless devices to validate items as they are picked, received or moved
  • Extend functionality of ERP into customer price ticketing and carton content information with track and trace numbers
  • Fully integrated warehouse inventory transfers, stock counts, and adjustments

Bin Location Management

  • Visibility by bin inventory
  • Move product from bin to bin with ease
  • Flexible bin rules for greater control
  • Specify products and bins by attributes (handle codes, size codes, reach codes, quarantine areas, damaged goods zones)
  • Create and track license plates (pallet IDs)
  • Create and track containers
  • Integrated wireless devices make bin management effortless
  • Obtain and review carton content and shipment track and trace information

* Features/Functions vary according to ERP