Automate Your Processes

Includes extended versions of the functionality of Collect, plus: Multi-zone

  • End of Line (EOL) Workflow
  • Kitting
  • Advanced Allocation
  • Advanced Lot/Serial Number Tracking
  • Advance Replenishment Returns
  • Enhanced Putaway

With optional modules, including:

  • License Plates
  • Cartonization
  • Repackaging
  • Advanced Receiving
  • Delivery Building

Tighten Control

Accellos One provides you with the tools to maintain better inventory accuracy minimizing writedowns and writeoffs. To insure compliance with your customers labeling requirements. Improve your control in these and many more key areas of your business

Maximize Efficiency

Leverage our advanced processes to improve your picking and receiving functions. To eliminate manual order checking. These are just a few areas where Accellos One helps your team gain efficiency and effectiveness.

Improve Visibility

Accellos One’s web-centric design gives you the ability to allow internal and external users visibility into the status of warehouse operations. Providing visibility creates competitive differentiation for your business that drives ROI.