What is Voice Over IP ( VoIP)?

VoIP ( Voice over IP) involves the transmitting of voice traffic over an existing Local Area Network (LAN) using existing wiring already in place for computer connectivity (CAT 5 Cabling).  Instead of having separate cables for your phone system to connect to your phones, with VoIP you can use data connections to connect phones to your phone system.  The “Phone System” is now another server that we integrate into your network.  As the voice and data now travel together, this allows new options for connectivity such as allowing you to use your computer as a phone, i.e. “Soft Phone”, having call management dashboards on your PC, checking voicemail from email or web browser, and allowing you to place calls from Outlook. 

 In addition, there is no charge for the base software, no annual licensing fee and no charge for add-on features.  Also, the hardware required is industry standard, not proprietary.  So the cost of implementing this phone system is just hardware (server, phones, switches) and labor costs – no expensive license fees.  There is no charge by users.  And For fractions of the cost of a big-name VoIP System, iCepts is offering a fantastic phone system with some of the same (or better) features.!

 How can I find out More?

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