This document highlights a high-level process flow, derived from a subset of available functionality within Accellos One Warehouse:  This segment is on Simultaneous and Sequential Zone Picking.

Warehouses may be broken down into logical areas or zones. The picking function can be set up to span multiple zones, allowing the operation to have multiple pickers picking the same orders either simultaneously or sequentially.

Zones may be set up in Accellos One Warehouse for many different reasons

Materials handling infrastructure -Pallet racks in one zone, static shelving in another

Product Classification – Flammables in one zone, durables in another

Item Segregation – Customer specific packaging configurations, defective products, refurbished product

ABC stratification – Separate fast moving items from slower moving items to allow multiple picking styles (Batch pick ‘C&D’ items, Wave pick ‘A’ items)

Load balancing – Multiple zones set up across a stretch of picking area (like flow-racking)

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