Once an order is ready to pick, it may be issued for picking using the Wave function.  The warehouse manager will typically sort and select order groups for picking using the Sales Order Grid, then issue the orders for picking using the Wave function. As a result, warehouse managers have unlimited flexibility when determining their picking strategies:

• Order lines may be split by pack-size for optimal productivity (pallet quantities picked from pallet locations, units from pick-bins).
• Customer specific labels may be printed for EDI / ASN compliance and integrated into the pick process. UCC128 serial container codes are created and scanned to build a detailed pallet or carton level ASNs.
• Orders may be grouped together for picking directly into serialized shipping cartons.
• Batch pick documents may be issued to enable the picking of multiple orders simultaneously with subsequent break-down in an order staging area.
• Paper pick-tickets may be printed for paper picking, with scanpack validation.
• Pick documents may be printed in multiple zones for simultaneous zone picking.
• One label per unit/carton/pallet may be printed with a bin location for ‘label picking’

Once the pick strategy has been determined, Accellos One Warehouse will print picking documents according to the configured rules; pickers will be directed to the pre-assigned pick locations that were automatically assigned during the allocation process.

To guarantee accuracy, hand held computers should be used during the picking process to validate the picked product and its bin location as well as the shipping container / sales order.

Finally, packing slips are printed as a result of the workflow defined in Accellos One Warehouse. Packing slips may be printed after the last item on the order has been picked or once the shipment has been scanned before loading on to a truck.

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