An “Open Source” community is one in which software is developed and made available to anyone for Free!  There are numerous complimentary software systems such as Open Office, VoIP Phone Systems and also Free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 
The following “Top 6 Modules” will give you an idea of the powerful functionality in this free CRM system from vtiger. 
1. Lead Management-Manage leads from end-to-end from tracking leads, i.e. prospects through converting them into opportunities.  You can import leads from external sources such as web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail and more. 
2. Opportunity ManagementTrack all sales opportunities in the sales cycle and attach customer-specific documents for quick reference in the future. 
3. Contact ManagementTrack all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities and other details from a common repository.  You can also create a “hierarchy” of contacts within a company to have better coordination while dealing with customers. 
4. Activity Management-Add all important activity-related emails in vtiger CRM for a detailed history of past communication.  Also, with Activity management you can create and store all of the details of customer meetings, calls, notes, ect.  
5. Dashboards-Visually track critical business data such as: Sales pipeline analysis by stage, Monthly sales pipeline, Sales opportunity by lead source, and much more.  With Dashboards you can drill-down by time and opportunity stage. 
6 Security Management-Define team roles as per your organization structure and control the access to modules according to modules according to the user’s role.  Also with Security Management you can archive the login history of each user for better auditing.  
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