“Open Source” Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone systems are a popular technology today that companies use to save cost on their business phone, however, in addition, this technology can also improve employee productivity.

These Top 5 VoIP Productivity Features can help your company work the way you want to work and save Blue VOIP symbolmoney!

1. Follow Me Feature: Another specified phone’s call (i.e. cell phone) is automatically transferred when another phone goes unanswered-seamlessly

2. Voicemail Email Attachment: Allows notifications by email when a new voicemail is left. Pick up your messages via phone or web browser.

3. Computer Phone “Soft Phone”: Which is free software that enables a PC to be used as a phone which can even replace your “desktop” phone.

4. Inbound Faxing to Email/Outbound Faxing to PC: Allowing faxing from PC applications through the Asterisk Open-Source phone system without the need for a separate phone line; saving you money.

5. Click-To-Call Integration: Gives connectivity with ERP or other business management software to place calls to vendors or customers with a single mouse click within these applications saving time and boosting productivity.

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