Another critical area of functionality in a “best-in-breedWarehouse Management Systems (WMS) is Stock Locator or just called Locator functionality.  This feature is designed to provide visibility into the physical location of goods in the warehouse facilitating the movement of those goods within the warehouse.

Stock Locator functionality can also include “limited multi-warehouse” functionality in which multiple warehouses can be defined. The WMS system can restrict sales order and purchase order processing based on the warehouse specified in the download from the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

Man in Warehouse-1

Simple bin-to-bin transfers can be used to move inventory between warehouses and all users can have full visibility to inventory and sales across all warehouses.

Further WMS Locator Functionality could include:

  • One-Step and Two-Step Moves
  • Hot Replenishment (Letdown and Fill Bin)
  • Replenishment by Direct Move
  • Reserving Stock / Moving Reserved Stock
  • Sticky Bins, assigning and deleting permanent homes
  • Decimal quantities
  • Ability to enter Incidents via the handheld
  • Hot Key to Miscellaneous Adjustments from Direct Move
  • Ability to Associate Pack Size with SCC-14 Cross Reference Barcodes to bypass prompt on the handheld
  • Replenishment Letdown by Quantity, Product, Pick Zone
  • Ability to Print SCC-14 Labels from Product Label Printing
  • Restrict Consolidation of Stock with different Expiry or FIFO Dates
  • Auto-breakdown of Packsizes in Random Bins during Allocation

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