Another “must have” with any Warehouse Management System is Lot/Serial Number Tracking; this feature is designed to extend the inventory management capability in the warehouse to include tracking discrete balances by lot and/or tracking specific serial numbered items

Forklift in warehouse

Detailed basic functionality could include:

  • Bin-level tracking
  • Capture at Receiving
  • Validate during Picking, Cycle Counting, Direct Move
  • Allocate host-specified Lots / Serials
  • Allocate Lots by FIFO

Advanced Lot/Serial Number Tracking expands WMS software with more robust inventory management functionality such as single/mixed attributes and expiry allocation.

Single Attribute Allocation Restrictions means that for lot tracked items, the system can ensure that an entire order line is filled from a single lot (some warehouses deal with customer-imposed restrictions on whether shipments can contain mixed lots)

Furthermore, some Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) functionality offers support for scanning 2-dimension barcodes for capturing serial numbers (in picking)

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