Another “must have” in any robust Warehouse Management System is the ability to perform kitting functionality-especially if your wholesale distribution company has any light manufacturing operations.

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WMS Kitting Functionally provides a formal warehouse process for building production orders that are downloaded from the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).  This functionality is useful for warehouse operation that requires light manufacturing based on a Bill of Materials(BOM) that can be maintained and downloaded by the ERP.

Functionality could include production orders containing the finished item and BOM are downloaded from the ERP and built using Kitting functions on the Handheld.

Further functionality could include:

  •  Supporting Explode on Download kits
  •  Build to Stock (based on BOM downloaded from the ERP) kits
  •  Build to Order kits
  •  *each ERP system supports kitting a little differently

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Posted By: iCepts Technology Group, Inc.-An Accellos One Warehouse Management Systems Partner in Pennsylvania