Another best-in-breed Warehouse Management Systems functionality is directed putaway.  Directed putaway provides slotting functionality for the optimal placement of products within the warehouse. Useful to optimize warehouse layout and maximize picker productivity by ensuring high-volume products are stored in the best possible bin. Also, unique product handling requirements and/or restrictions (for example, freezer, hazardous materials)

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Functionality within Directed Putaway could include:

  • The ability to determines optimal bins for putaway based on velocity, handling codes, size locations primary locations, alternate locations and overflow locations.
  • Material handlers in Receiving, Direct Move, and Fill Bins are directed to the optimal putaway bin based on pre-defined algorithm
  • Slotting Reports that can be used to recommend product moves to improve productivity
  • System-directed moves. Handheld functions that let warehouse staff manage an electronic queue of reslotting tasks.
  • Incremental Slotting Report shows where products should be reslotted (displayed as ‘pairs’ of moves); also used to populate the Directed Move task queue.

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