In Warehouse Management Systems any sort of Advanced Allocation can significant add functionality to sales orders, purchase orders, and better inventory management overall in the warehouse.

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Enhanced functionality in warehouse operations can expand to many areas including picking, receiving, stock locator, counting, order allocation, and wave planning enhancements:  Some of the various functionality inside Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) with Directed Advanced Allocation could include:

Picking Enhancements:

Ability to enable User-Defined Prompts when sales orders are waved, when users start picking a wave or when users pick an item.

Hazmat Restrictions

  • Carton restrictions based on weight, cube or value
  • Ability to Capture box size during picking
  • Ability to Repack Order, Repack Carton, Relabel Carton, Combine Cartons, Swap Serials
  • Ability to create an Incident when pickers indicate bins are not empty

Receiving Enhancements:

  • Configurable workflow prompts for bin, carrier, packing slip, receive date, freight status, comments, weight, cube
  • Ability to enable User-Defined Prompts when purchase orders are waved, when users start receiving a wave or when users receive an item.
  • Validate quantities upon PO Completion
  • Ability to send internal email notifications when orders are received
  • Ability to check UPC Barcode during Receiving

Stock Locator Enhancements:

  • Decimal quantities
  • Ability to enter Incidents via the handheld
  • Replenishment Letdown by Quantity, Product, Pick Zone
  • Restrict Consolidation of Stock with different Expiry or FIFO Dates
  • Auto-breakdown of Packsizes in Random Bins during Allocation

Order Allocation Enhancements:

  • Infinite Stock
  • Background Allocation
  • Ability to Define and Schedule Allocation Templates
  • Ability to print Packing Slips for Nuked Sales Orders
  • Allocation and replenishment based predefined packsizes
  • Only ship goods in pre-defined packsizes
  • Days to Expiry Allocation

Wave Planning Enhancements:

  • Generate Wave labels, Pre-packslip labels, Packing Planner labels,
  • Paper Pick tickets
  • Pack & Hold, Ship with Other Goods, Order Consolidation at Waving
  • Ability to Define and Schedule Wave Planning Templates
  • Sort Full-Case (Slapper) Labels
  • Set End-of-Line and Carton Type during Waving

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