Recently I was meeting with a small wholesale distributor.  Their annual revenue was in the 15 to 20 million range.  During our conversation the prospect must have said four or five times that their business was probably to small to use a warehouse management system When I asked him why he feels that way he said”there only for the big guys like Auto Zone or Amazon”.  We continued our conversation and as we spoke it became more and more obvious to me that this company could really benefit from what a WMS can do.

This seems to be case for many small to mid size companies engaged in the distribution of products.  But nothing could be further from the truth.   Warehouse management systems are not just for the “big guys” anymore.  The benefits that a “best of breed” WMS that has been designed specifically for the SMB market are well documented and well within the reach of almost any business.  These benefits include;

  • Improved receiving and picking processes that reduce costly overhead
  • Increased accuracy of the inventory which reduces both inventory cost and the need to overstock
  • Reduction in shipping errors that both saves money but more importantly improves the customer satisfaction level.
  • Elimination of costly data entry and the inherent errors that are associated with this function.

And the list goes on.  It’s true that many SMB’s look at the investment cost in a WMS and immediately think they can not afford it.  I would challenge that by saying it may be you can not afford not to.

In todays competitive market it is imperative that a business be as efficient as possible.  margins are tight and there is not an infinite number of customers that need your product.  And lets not forget that in almost all cases your not the only company your customers can buy from.  Competition is intense.  So you need to be better.  You need an edge.  You need to be competitive.  You need to be profitable.  You need to be efficient.

Don’t think your to small for a warehouse management solution.  It may be the best investment in your business you could make.  A WMS for your business is worth at  a serious look.

Email me for a free copy of “HOW TO STOP YOUR WAREHOUSE FROM STEALING YOUR PROFITS” a great white paper that digs deep into how a WMS can save a company serious money while greatly improving their operation.

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