Zone balancing: Conventional wisdom calls for the fastest moving 20 percent of the product to be placed closest to the center of gravity – usually shipping doors. With 80 per cent of labor focused on picking from the same bin locations, serious problems can emerge, with one picker very busy while others are stalled. For flow-rack users, Accellos One Slot allows the fast-moving 20 percent to be dispersed among multiple zone positions, broadening picker access across the flow racks, accelerating work flow and maximizing labor productivity.

Slotting by Family: Certain product types (e.g. pet supplies) may share general characteristics but differ substantially in others, such as shape, volume or application (e.g. food, toys, gear). Accellos One Slot allows the products to remain in high velocity pick areas but in separated zones, with slotting optimized to their individual product characteristics.

Slot optimization: A slot optimization wizard also allows users to lock or select SKUs or locations to eliminate or include in pick runs. This feature is value when slotting new or seasonal product into the warehouse.

Cube utilization: Once the slotting plan is in place, Slot Master can produce location and utilization statistics. It also enables user to maximize the storage density in the warehouse by providing measurable statistics that transfer directly to application of the physical space.

Bay profiler: Slot Master’s profiler tool determines the best size of each bay, slot, shelf or bed by SKU. It also provides quick calculations to determine the total number of bays, shelves or beds that are required for a specific data set.

Accommodating complications: Accellos One Slot allows users to set up slotting algorithms that preclude pickers from performing faulty picks, such as:

  • Toxicity: don’t mix with products that can be affected; perhaps set separate pick runs
  • Crushability: Pick at the end of the run, not the beginning
  • Heavier items: Pick at the beginning of the run so lighter items are on top

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