The Rack Selector module presents the user with a menu of the available types of racking from which selections are recommended based on the type of product to be stored and the physical characteristics of the facility. It also allows for consideration of customer racking options.

The Dock Planner performs a similar function, but works with data from the warehouse design and picking requirements to recommend optimum dock and door layouts under different picking scenarios.

The Warehouse Layout Designer allows the user to graphically represent the warehouse facility and to model it on-screen under an infinite array of potential designs, including bays, docks and doors; marshalling areas for shipping and receiving; office and secure or restricted spaces; positioning of beams and uprights; storage media selections; size details; and the relative cost per space, whether a for a one-foot case or a pallet.

The end product is a graphical representation of a warehouse comprised of single or multiple chambers, each comprised of multiple aisles, with various types and levels of racking, and more. The layout tool is virtually unlimited in its what-if flexibility, enabling the user to generate alternative simulations in seconds. When satisfied with the design, the user uploads it to the Slot Master module.

The Slot Master module allows the user to import inventory data and to integrate it with the warehouse layout design, taking into consideration all of the factors and characteristics relating to each stored product. Using this data, it generates slotting scenarios based on variables ranging from the product’s movement in and out

of the warehouse, its replenishment requirements, size and weight, fragility and crushability, stackability, regulatory considerations or any other criteria designated by the user.

The Benchmark module allows users to establish standard criteria for cost and management elements of the warehousing activity and use them in comparisons against Slot Master recommendations under different simulations.

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