Computer assisted slotting software is now available to model initial warehouse slotting design and importantly, also to support periodic reviews and assessments of the slot plan to assure that the warehouse operates at peak effectiveness.

Accellos One Slot is a warehouse planning simulator comprising a suite of tools that allow distributors, manufacturers, retailers or third party logistics operators to design a new warehouse in as little as a few hours with engineered precision. In operating warehouses, it can dynamically slot and re-slot the facilities over time to optimize operations. The resulting improvements yield higher productivity, better utilization of available rack space and enhanced warehouse throughput.

The multiple modules include:

  • Rack Selector
  • Dock Planner
  • Warehouse Layout Designer
  • Slot Master
  • Benchmark

Accellos One Slot can be integrated with Accellos One software solutions for automated exchange of data, or it can be implemented as a standalone application to work with data from other software solutions databases and ERP platforms. The software allows managers to model their warehouse under multiple scenarios as often as they wish to arrive at optimum layouts and maintain them as conditions and requirements change. It provides comprehensive costing for each simulation so that users can gauge the economics of retaining or modifying their slot plans.

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