Do you share information with your trading partners? If you are like most distributors, you certainly do.

A single IT incident in the supply chain could cost companies millions of dollars in data loss and other costs, according to a report by two Gartner analysts, Neil MacDonald and Ray Valdes.

The report, “Living in a World Without Trust: When IT’s Supply Chain Integrity and Online Infrastructure Get Pwned,” says supply chains are increasingly vulnerable to hacker attacks because they share information between multiple trading partners and this practice is only increasing of course.

Companies can usually protect their own internal network and data, however they often cannot protect the information that goes outside their firewalls to and from their trading partners. Hackers are able to exploit weaknesses in those links to successfully penetrate security systems, according to the report.

Online portals can be especially vulnerable, companies must take steps to strengthen security within these portal processes.

We can help you look at these processes to ensure that they are secure as they can be and still allow the information flow you need to run your distribution business.

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