Rewards for Referrals is a new referral program initiated by iCepts Technology Group.  We are always looking for companies that we can help that are similar to your company and we greatly appreciate you thinking of us to forward along any referrals.

Now, there are 2 Ways to Earn Credit for your referrals!

1.  Just fill out the below form and send us a valid lead for any of our products or services and you will receive an Amazon $ 25.00 Gift Card.  A valid lead is one in which has a need, budget and time frame for up to a year for any of our products or services.  For a complete list of products and services, just visit our website:

2.  If the qualified lead becomes a customers of iCepts, your company will earn a credit for up to $1,500!  Please see below guidelines and contact us with any questions at [email protected]





Please provide your information first:

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iCepts Technology Group, Inc. will pay a referral fee of 1.5% of sales price of solution not to exceed $1,500 for referrals resulting in revenue to iCepts Technology Group, Inc. for the solutions sold and implemented by iCepts. This is for the initial contract ONLY.

To qualify, the referral must be a company that is not a current client of iCepts nor has EVER been a client of iCepts.   It must result in revenue to iCepts Technology Group, Inc. within 12 months from date submitted.   This is for the initial contract ONLY.

You will be advised if iCepts is actively working on the account submitted and therefore will not be a valid referral.  Actively working means that contact has been made within the previous 90 days and  follow-up is planned within the next 90 days and the lead has not been submitted to iCepts within the last 12 months prior to the date submitted.

To qualify for the Referral Reward, iCepts Technology Group, Inc must approve the referral ahead of time.

The initial contract must also be a minimum of $10,000 in total revenue to iCepts.