The picking functionality in warehouse management systems is a core functionality designed to move the paper picking process to a wireless device.  Warehouses come in different shapes and sizes. Some are “wide open” in a square shaped space. Others are contained in buildings on multiple floors, utilizing elevators to transport materials.  Warehouses will have varying ceiling heights. Some might have yard space.  Materials handling will differ by product shape and size. As a result, the warehouse.  Racking infrastructure will vary by product size. Many warehouses keep large products in bulk stacks or pallet racks. While with small products, picking efficiency may be increased by storing smaller products in flow racking or static shelving.

Product velocity and order types also affect warehouse layout and consequently the picking strategies.  Companies that ship single-sku pallets of product to customers will have significantly different warehouse operations than ones that ship trailer loads of mixed-sku pallets (grocery is a good example of this).

Even subtle differences in customer requirements for consumer products wholesalers will have substantial effects on the materials handling and picking. Operations that ship to retail distribution centers will have different fulfillment requirements than those that ship directly to stores.

Accellos One Warehouse has an abundance of picking styles that will accommodate a warehouse manager’s fulfillment strategy independent of warehouse layout, product size,velocity and order characteristics.  These different picking styles are designed to boost picking accuracy in the warehouse; up to 99.9%!

Some of the many picking styles are listed below:

  • Wave Picking
  • Batch Picking
  • Product Picking
  • One Scan Picking
  • Scanner Picking

In addition to picking styles, there are numerous benefits for having warehouse picking systems including:

  • Multiple pickers can pick in a single sales order
  • Single picker can pick on multiple sales orders
  • Password protection for skipping and shorting picks
  • Configurable worklow prompts for bin, packsize, and carton
  • Ability to generate a packing slip after last pick
  • Ability to assign orders to s specific user
  • Ability to reapack item
  • End of Line (EOL) workflow controls what additional processes happen to sales orders after they are fully picked
  • And more, including additional advanced picking functionality

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