Past Supply Chain Management Webinars:

Finding Information Fast in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions. Built on robust functionality within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this Modern ERP solution makes finding relevant business information quickly to gain actionable insights into your business.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central as we present several business scenarios on how to quickly access information from the intuitive user interface design.

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The Top 10 HighJump WMS Features

As supply chain management demands increase and become more complex, companies select Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to meet these challenges.

With advanced inventory management and warehousing capabilities, WMS can be a vital part of a total “end-to-end” efficient solution by seamless integrating to commonly used ERP systems.

Watch this informative webinar and learn about the top warehouse management features in HighJump Warehouse Edge (formerly AccellosOne WMS), including:

  • Dramatically Increasing Inventory Accuracy
  • Flexible Picking Options
  • Labor Management Capabilities
  • Mobile WMS
  • Cartonization
  • Lots/Serial/Expiry Dates Tracking
  • Robust Shipping Solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Overview

Microsoft’s continued commitment and development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) has resulted in the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.

Built on functionality within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and adaptable to extend business applications this Cloud ERP system can grow as your business requirements change while taking advantage of the latest technology

Watch this informative webinar and learn about:

  • History of Dynamics NAV, development of Dynamics 365 Business Central and future direction.
  • How to very quickly find relevant information and access reporting.
  • Powerful functionality to manage your business.
  • How to customize and tailor your user interface.
  • Essentials and Premium Modules.
  • Pricing and Licensing Options.

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Advanced Warehouse Management for Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven, robust ERP system, however, frequently companies with complex warehousing require even more capabilities and advanced inventory management in their warehouse operations.

This is where Warehouse Management Systems ( WMS), such as HighJump Warehouse Edge, can greatly help to achieve a total “end-to-end” supply chain solution to meet customer’s demands by incorporating both ERP and WMS.

Watch this informative webinar and learn about:

• Typical ERP Warehousing Modules and how WMS can fill the requirement “gaps”.
• Seamless NAV to WMS Integration.
• Benefits of a Total Supply Chain Solution .
• How WMS can tackle tough Warehousing Inventory Management Challenges and more!

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Business Intelligence Made Easy in NAV with Jet Reports

Data and business intelligence (BI) have become increasingly crucial for organizations to remain competitive. If you are using data incorrectly, or if you don’t have the data needed to guide important decisions about your investments, resources and overall objectives, your business is at a disadvantage in our current “information fast” business environment.

Jet Report is a suite of excel integrated custom reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Built for NAV, Jet Reports gives you all the data you need – exactly the way you want it; no exporting, re-keying, reformatting, copying or pasting.

In this presentation, we will explore how Jet Reports can:

  • Utilizing NAV’s “real time” data to create robust reporting in excelJet Reports
  • Give you immediate access to the business reports you need anywhere
  • Create financial and business reporting using familiar fields and calculations
  • Allow your company to get accurate reports faster and cut cost by up to 50%
  • Set up business queries and reporting options to customize your searches
  • Streamline your report building process and more!  Register Today

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Zetadocs Electronic Document Management for Dynamics NAV

Paper still remains at the heart of many business processes: documents are sent to customers and suppliers, while originals and copies are filed for future retrieval.

Zetadocs helps you streamline business processes, improving the way your business operates. Finance departments, customer services and all operational teams can work more efficiently on screen, saving time and costs, while offering better service levels to customers, suppliers and staff.

In this webinar you will learn about the latest version of Zetadocs for NAV and how it can help your company by moving paper-based business processes and unstructured emails to secure, easy to use software designed for efficiency such as the ability to:

  • Instantly deliver invoices, statements and reminders by email
  • Eliminate printing, handling and mailing of documents and emails
  • Remove storage costs associated with retaining paper document
  • Record travel expenses electronically
  • Have a firm accountability of all transactions
  • Automate manual business processes and save time & money
  • And more!

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Big Warehouse Improvements through Small Changes: 

When you were little, or maybe not so little, did you ever discover nickels, dimes or quarters under the couch cushions? Or maybe you recently got out the winter coat and found a ten-dollar bill in the pocket. Either way you were a bit excited and proud of your serendipitous endeavors. Making small changes in the warehouse can be similar to finding quarters in the couch.

Chris Barnes has been helping companies improve their warehouse operations for over 20 years. In my current role as solutions consultant for HighJump, I am in a unique position to frequently visit companies and make recommendations on how they can improve their warehouse performance. On my visits, the companies are generally interested in the benefits provided by a warehouse management system or WMS.  However, I frequently observe fundamental process improvements they could make that will help them improve performance with simple changes.  Many times, these changes should be made even if the customers decide not to implement technology.

This session is an overview summary of some of the improvement opportunities I typically see such as warehouse recommendations in:

  • Apply 5SWarehouse Webinar
  • Measurement
  • Space Utilization
  • Slotting
  • Flexible Picking Strategies
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Elimination of Excess Inventory
  • And more!

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Gaining the Edge in Distribution with B2B eCommerce:

B2B selling is transforming rapidly as a result of the shift from offline to online.  Therefore, many business to business companies are considering or have already implementing an online sales channel in order to stay competitive and increase profitability.

In this informative webinar, key benefits of B2B eCommerce in Microsoft Dynamics NAV include:Sana eCommerce (1)

  • How Online Selling can boost efficiency from the ability to take orders 24/7 directly linked to Dynamics NAV in “real time” connectivity
  • Increasing Customer Service by allowing your customers to preview and get the product they want.
  • Leveraging your Microsoft Dynamics NAV investment and utilize this eCommerce Tool to add additional profitability to your bottom line
  • Staying Competitive with other companies that are offering similar services

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ChargeLogic Retail-a Complete POS System built for Dynamics NAV: 

ChargeLogic Retail is a robust and scalable POS system, including a customizable interface with access to customer data, reporting, inventory, and more. Leverage ChargeLogic’s solutions to securely accept payments from all of your sales channels—back offices, e-commerce, and POS—and manage that data inside of Dynamics NAV.

ChargeLogic Retail provides the ability to accept payments in the back office (phone and mail order) and at the point of sale for true omni-channel retail. ChargeLogic’s software is PCI validated, providing the highest level of security in payment processing software.

In this session, you’ll get a tour of ChargeLogic Retail and discover how this POS solution works seamlessly with one of the leading ERP solutions in the world-Microsoft Dynamics NAV including topics such as:

  • How to accept payments at the POS and in the back officeChargeLogic POS
  • True Omni-Channel POS functionality
  • PCI Validation; providing the highest level of security
  • Multiple payment types of all types including phone and mail orders, gift cards, to NFC payments and EMV
  • Flexible POS Interface customization
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Connectivity to all your data in Dynamics NAV

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 ROI in Warehouse Management: 

A successful warehouse management system (WMS) implementation in an un-automated facility can provide a rapid return on investment. A WMS also serves as a foundation for instituting a continuous improvement culture and facilitates on-going annual benefits ranging from 5-10%.

If your business requirements potentially include WMS, an effective campaign to procure and implement a new system will depend on a solid, thought out business case. A good business case will include both quantitative dollar justifications and the qualitative, intangible benefits difficult to enumerate.

Chris Barnes, identifies benefit categories for potential inclusion in the business case, discusses areas of opportunity within your current operation, and explore how a successful WMS implementation can provide a rapid return on investment through streamlining compliance, efficiency, shipping and accuracy in your warehouse.

In this webinar you will learn more about the following:

  • Why WMS as part of a Total Supply Chain Management StrategyROI in WMS (1)
  • Inventory Efficiency Gains through Advanced Warehouse Technology
  • Staying Competitive with Compliance Requirements
  • WMS Value Drivers
  • Tangible and Intangible Benefits from WMS
  • ROI Calculation Examples
  • Omni-Channel and 3PL considerations

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Payroll Processing in Dynamics NAV-In House vs. Outsourced

VisionPayroll (from Kenek Software) is an affordable, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution. It is fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, thus helping to simplify your payroll process even further. By using VisionPayroll, you will find it will save time and resources in the long-term!

In this informative payroll-focused webcast designed exclusively for Dynamics NAV customers, you’ll learn how VisionPayroll can help you:

  • Reduce your Overall Administrative Costs
  • Accurately and Efficiently allocate Salary and Fringe cost data to your organization’s programs and/or projects.
  • Empower your Team with the level of payroll data visibility they require, when they need it.
  • Have Control and Accessibility over your payroll data and sensitive employee information.
  • Eliminate the Manual or Cumbersome integration utilities between your payroll data and your financial solution
  • Meet your Unique Payroll and HR Challenges through advanced functionality such as Multiple Employer, Flexible Calculations, Direct Deposit, Time Journal, New Employee Set Up Wizard and more!

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