As a distributor or manufacturer, your largest and most costly asset is your inventory.  Reducing inventory carrying cost and increasing margins can cause a greater effect on the bottom line than increasing sales. By doing both, you can significantly increase profitability!

iCepts Technology Group offers a new series of tools in Advanced Forecasting and Procurement, for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that can help distributors and manufacturers more accurately forecast inventory resulting in lower inventory levels, lower carrying costs, and less demand on credit lines.

With Advanced Forecasting and Procurement for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can:

  • Calculate a Formula Based Forecasting-Best Fit Formula Approach
  • Use Collaborative forecast to “fine tune” your overall forecast
  • Use Vendor forecast to help your vendors anticipate your future needs
  • Roll-Up usage history & demand base on replenishment to view supply chain
  • Identify surplus inventory and re-deploy to reduce total inventory
  • Utilize a Lead Time Horizon replenishment method for long lead times
  • Implement a Suggested Order to review products by vendor

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