AccellosOne version 6.5 WMS has been released with many new features to help your company optimize inventory management in your warehouse and gain efficiency across your entire supply chain.  Easy to use, powerful functionality and the ability to host this WMS system in the cloud, AccellosOne can help you achieve your goals for better accuracy while also improving both customer service and labor management.

Below is a list of some of the New Features for Better Warehouse Management in AccellosOne WMS 6.5, however, you can also view how these new features compare with previous editions of AccellosOne WMS going back to 6.0.AccellosOne Feature Comparison Matrix

Advanced Workflow Engine:  Ability to utilize workflows for handheld and order management functions through the advanced workflow engine.

Workspace Scheduled Tasks:  Trigger traditional web dispatch scheduled tasks form new task scheduler or to instead trigger a workflow instead.

Add Lots through Cycle Counting:  It is now possible to add new lot number through cycle counting.  this will especially useful for initial inventory counts of lot-tracked items that had to be added through non-PO receiving in earlier versions.

SSRS Performance Reports:  This new version of Accellos has several new SSRS-based performance reports to replace legacy HTML-based reports including:

  • Cycle Count Reports
  • Employee Performance Reports
  • Picking Performance Reports
  • Receiving Performance Reports
  • Material Handling Performance Reports
  • Cycle Counting Performance Reports

Enhanced Handheld Graphical User Interface:  Enhanced GUI for Internet Explorer-Based handheld devices for an improved and more intuitive user experience for warehouse personnel.

Enhanced Order and Receipt Statistics:  A Statistics Pane has been added to the Orders and Receipts Workcenters.  This panel will show summary information based on the current workspace filter including # of Orders/Receipts/ # of Lines and # of Units.

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