Security to your business has never been more critical and with the prevalent attacks that are common, it is vital to your company’s health to have in place the necessary safeguards and policies to prevent these threats.  We have been working with clients to help them with their Networking Security needs such as:

  • Designing infrastructure requirements to minimize exposed services.An abstract IT design concept of system or data protection. A central glowing message of "System Protected" is informing the user about the security status. Padlocks on both sides of the message are shown in a locked state, affecting the whole system. Everything is situated inside a hexadecimal code "data-block".
  • Firewalls that protects internal network resources
  • Filtering that provides
    • Filter 280 million URL’s by 80+ categories, by risk, and by business relevance.
    • Application filtering for 1200+ applications by name, risk, or business relevance for software/websites such as YouTube or Spotify and even allows granular control (blocking or allowing) of some sites (e.g. Facebook Chat, Facebook Photos, Facebook Video, etc.)
    • Capability of full Internet logging of each user.
    • Integrates with Active Directory to allow blocking or allowing by user or group.
    • Includes Malware filtering, Intrusion Detection, and blocking by extension (.mp3, .exe, etc.).
  • Remove Access VPN’s to allow employee access into corporate networks utilizing the use of One-Time-Passwords using a smartphone app or via SMS Text..

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