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iCepts Mobile Field Service Management Set up and user guide


  • Assign Field Service App Role Center to user
    • Role Center = Field Service Rep.
  • Assign Field Service App Permissions
    • User Permission Sets
      • D365 BASIC
      • D365 READ
      • D365PREM SMG, EDIT
      • Create a User Defined Permission Set to add the following permission:
    • Setup SMTP in BC
    • Create Resource Card for each Field Service Rep – Resource No. = BC User ID
    • Assign the following to the Resource
    • Resource Locations
      • Create new Location if needed
      • Update Inventory Posting Setup if new Location is added
    • Resource Skills
    • Service Zones
    • Setup Resource Capacity
    • Add E-Mail and Phone No. to User Setup for Field Service Rep User IDs



BC will open to the Field Service Dashboard for users assigned the “Field Service Rep.” Role Center.  The Role Center displays the Service Order Allocation Lines assigned to the Resource associated with the User ID logged into BC.


Personalization is available for the Role Center Page

Use the Hyperlink to the Service Order to open the Field Service App Service Order Page

Sample Field Service Order

sample order 1

sample order 2

sample order 3

sample order 4

Features of the iCepts Mobile Field Service Management App


Sample Confirmation (Print > Preview)