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iCepts Technology Group is a full service Microsoft Partner and wants to help your remote employees stay productive.

Meetings are more efficient with Microsoft Office 365 Teams and allows your remote employees to stay connected to your co-workers, customers and prospects.

Microsoft Teams, as part of certain Office 365 Suite of products, is a business productivity app made for collaboration and sharing.  Microsoft Teams can bring co-workers, prospects and customers together that are working remotely by using chat instead of email, channels instead of file folders, a secure workspace to edit files and share documents along with websites.

A chat history keeps track of team discussions with no searching necessary. Group or private chat helps team members quickly connect with decision makers, and they can set up an online meeting where they can coauthor and share files to secure immediate approval. In-document integrated notifications and side-by-side chat enable real-time collaboration, editing, and finalization of materials.

Importantly, Teams is part of the Microsoft Business Suite of products that can connect to familiar, frequently used Microsoft applications  such as SharePoint, Word, Excel and many others.

The call quality is Microsoft Teams is superb and you have the options for using a video call or just use audio and even share your desktop screen or files.  Video calls have the option for being recorded to be shared later and Microsoft Teams even allows you to place calls as well.

Microsoft Office 365 Teams allows your organization the ability to stay organized, work anywhere and connected in all one place.  And with IM, plus voice and video calling, team members are just a few clicks away.

With Microsoft Teams, your employees can:

  • Chat, meet virtually, and call across devices with VoIP and PSTN.
  • Work effectively remotely and reduce travel using audio, HD video, and web conferencing.
  • Engage your customers using Teams in your web pages and apps.

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