Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace. Companies that are not embracing modern technology systems can easily be at a great disadvantage. Information silos, disconnected systems, and manual processes keep you from delivering the experience your customers expect and ultimately can also put your business at risk. But what kind of solution is right for your business needs today and your goals for future growth? How can you best prepare for change, and how will you know if you’re ready to move your systems to the cloud?

Your customers’ needs and expectations have evolved, but your accounting and business management systems aren’t able to keep pace with increasing demands. You need a modern technology platform that connects your business and your people like never before. A comprehensive business management solution for SMB’s can:

  • Automatically pull your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to
  • Give you a complete picture from across your business, with reports when and where you need them.
  • Get you up and running quickly, so change doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day.

With many years of development in the making, in 2016, Microsoft rebranded both its ERP and CRM product offerings. Microsoft Dynamics NAV “Navision”, which is an established ERP system since 2002, is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The re branding of Microsoft business solutions has resulted in all of their products with a Nomenclature of “Microsoft Dynamics 365”. The many subsequent product offerings “applications” differentiate themselves by wording proceeding this; such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, ect.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the next generation of Business Management Solution for Small to Mid-Sized organizations, that’s easy to use and adapt, helping companies connect different departments under one system with a fresh new user intuitive interface-all securely hosted by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Hosting service.

Built on functionality within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s most popular ERP system, and adaptable to extend business applications to other Microsoft Cloud Services such as Office 365, Microsoft Automate (Flow), Power BI and PowerApps; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution can grow as your business requirements change while taking advantage of the latest technology.

Business Central is a cloud-based solution which means the days of long, complicated and costly ERP implementations are over. Business Central can be implemented in as little as 1 week. Businesses no longer need to dedicate in-house IT resources to setup and maintain servers for your ERP system. Your IT resources can now spend more time doing what matters most. Business Central is designed to scale as your business scales. Therefore, even if you are a startup company with 1-4 users, you can still take advantage of all of Business Central’s functionality without the large up-front monetary commitment. As your business grows and you begin to onboard employees and resources, your Business Central solution will scale automatically at no extra cost, making sure you are always able to take advantage of your ERP solution’s capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is not only for small companies. There is no limit to the number of users that can operate on this modern ERP solution. Business Central is your all-in-one single business management rich erp solution eliminating those data and operation silos within your organization.

An all-in-one encompassing business management system means that Business Central can help manage all areas of your business including accounting and finance, sales and purchasing, inventory control, warehousing, assemblies, manufacturing, relationship management, service management, and much more.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in Pennsylvania.