Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a proven, robust ERP system, however, frequently companies with complex warehousing require even more capabilities and advanced inventory management in their warehouse operations.  This is where Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), such as HighJump Warehouse Edge create an extensive and more efficiency warehouse operations.

This advanced functionality in Key HighJump Warehouse Management Modules for Dynamics NAV can greatly help to achieve a total “end-to-end” supply chain solution to meet customer’s demands by incorporating both ERP and WMS such as:

Dynamic Quality Inspection: Tailored quality inspections can be designed with custom questionnaires, focused pass/fail criteria, and conditional activities to ensure the quality of both inbound and outbound processes. Mobile users can leverage the intuitive Win 8.1 tablet app to not only execute the inspections, but record pictures of the condition of the material, trailer, or container.

Integrated Document Imaging with OCR Support: The latest release of our Document Imaging system increases the user’s ability to navigate towards a paperless environment by offering optional OCR support. This allows the development of “form templates” which can be used to scan key information from a printed page and use that information to associate the document with relevant information stored in the WMS.

Powerful Multi-Carrier Shipping: Some see shipping as a disconnected process outside the WMS proper. HighJump sees it as an integrated step in the pick/pack/ ship handheld workflow allowing the user to save time and simplify their warehouse processes. The latest version of our multi-carrier shipping streamlines not only the “inline” shipping functionality, but also the exception shipping done from our shipping station.

Configurable Appointment Scheduling: We’ve enhanced the appointment scheduling capability available to the WMS 6.5 user by allowing them to manage a discrete number of appointments by time slot without predetermining an actual door assignment. This allows them to determine labor required and assign the available door when the inbound or outbound carrier arrives. From this information, we’ve driven solid KPIs that assist in both planning and negotiating arrangements with key carriers.

Extensible Activity Billing: The latest version of activity billing extends the capability for those users of the WMS who are either third party logistics companies (3PLs) or who share space in a single facility with others and bill them on a space and services rendered basis.

Integrated ASN Manager: While HighJump Warehouse has provided data for ASN production for many releases, the incorporation of the ASN Manager takes the capability to a new level. The people responsible for EDI within an organization now have full visibility, access, and edit capability to ensure that the ASN payload that is sent out is accurate and compliant with the requirements of the trading partner. The system also provides the ability to print GS1 labels, Bills of Lading, and Commercial Invoices.

Cloud–ready Label Print Manager: More and more customers are opting to use the cloud for their computing environment – whether it’s a private cloud of their own or leveraging one of the HighJump OnDemand public cloud solutions. Our Print Manager provides a secure, high-performance means of printing things like bar code compliance labels on premise while the services run in the cloud. This allows you to print jobs via the internet without utilizing a VPN.

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