There are plenty of advantages to choosing Power BI for your organization’s business intelligence needs. We’ll look at just a few of the most important reasons why Power BI is used by businesses everywhere.

Microsoft Integrations

Power BI is seamless integrated with most of the Microsoft cloud platform and solutions. This is a huge advantage if you are already a 365 customer. If you are not, you should consider this as part of any future plans for your organization.

Safely interact with Business data

When you slice and dice as well as filter your business data you don’t need to be concerned about impacting the underlying dataset.

You can’t corrupt your data. You explore and experiment without fear of breaking something.

You can run various what if scenarios to test ideas that you may have.

Set Alerts

Set alerts so that you are notified when certain thresholds are met for your individual business. Don’t miss out on important financial or other events.

Ask business questions using natural language

Sometimes the fastest way to get an answer from your data is to ask a question using natural language. The question box is available at the top of your dashboard. For example, “show me count of opportunities by sales stage as a funnel.”

Centralize all  your data

Centralize your data when it is stored in different systems or databases. Use PowerBI to gather important information from various sources to quickly get a view of your business. Create a single source of truth for all your data.

Create important reports faster

Uncover the full potential of your data using next-generation AI tools with Copilot in Power BI. Describe the insights you need or ask a question about your data and Copilot analyzes and pulls the right data into a report—easily turning data into actionable insights.

Self Service

Create a very affordable self service report and dashboard for key team members in your organization. Everyone can have access to key business data to keep them all on the same page.

Work with Microsoft Excel

Easily connect Excel queries, data models, and reports to Power BI Dashboards—helping to quickly gather, analyze, publish, and share Excel business data in a tool most users are familiar with.

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