While companies are transitioning to cloud business systems along with cloud infrastructure; at iCepts Technology Group, Inc. we have also been helping companies with traditional on-premises infrastructure since 1980!

This is one of our core business offerings and we bring decades of experience to help your company with its on-premises infrastructure needs. In addition, we have helped clients, at their own pace, migrate their business systems to a cloud environment when they are ready.

Our experienced systems engineers can consult with your company on how to properly support and get the most out of your existing on-premises infrastructure and also what “moving to the cloud” would look like if there is an interest.

Some of the ways we are working with customers with their on-premises infrastructure needs are below:

On-Premises Servers Support

We partner with some of the best Computer Servers Companies such as HPE, Lenovo, and Dell.  These established Server Companies all have different advantages and pricing options.  We can shop around for the best choice for your company and with the features that are important to your organization.

By doing so, we can provide you with the best value within your budget.  We can expertly set up your Server, to test and make sure it is performing to your satisfaction and also make any recommendations if needed. For example, Storage Area Network (SAN) storage, backup and disaster recovery, and firewall and antimalware security.  In addition, we can help support your Microsoft Windows Operating System and prepare for any End Of Life (EOL) upgrades that are needed.

Local and WAN Networking

Your business relies on consistent, reliable, and secure access to your data.  The servers and your networks are at the core of this.  Wired, wireless, local, and remote, iCepts can help you plan and implement a network infrastructure to meet your business’s needs.

Our experienced team can help you with managed switches in the server room, secure access points for wireless connections for your users and for guests, and firewalls for site-to-site branch office networking and remote client access.

Data Migration Services

Our knowledgeable infrastructure team has helped numerous clients transition and migrate traditional on-premises business systems, such as email exchange services to modern email systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace.

As mentioned before, we can help your company transition to a “cloud environment” at your pace. Some companies will also consider a “hybrid” email migration in which you can have both on-premises technology still in addition to cloud/online.  Email services migration is just one example of the many options you have to reduce your reliance on physical servers.

iCepts can assist with other data migration initiatives if you would like to move part or all of your business applications to a cloud environment.

IT Consulting

With our vast experience in infrastructure technology systems, we provide start-to-finish services to make sure your company is set up properly.  We can provide guidance on how to properly and securely provide information to your employees and guests; either on-site or remotely.

Our infrastructure consulting includes thoughtful hardware selection, including servers, switches, wireless access points, routers, and firewalls.

We will guide you on maintenance decisions such as network security, systems backup, disaster recovery planning, and application and operating system updates.  And we can advise you on infrastructure technologies such as virtualization strategies, and on-premises to cloud scenario comparison.

We are your one-stop shop for all of your technology needs!

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