iCepts is uniquely positioned to help industrial distributors that provide field service and repair as part of their core business practice.

We leverage elements such as mobile sales and service, ecommerce, warehouse management, and business intelligence tools to address the unique needs of this industry.

The industrial equipment and supplies distribution industry continues to change and evolve to meet market pressures and customer requirements. Industrial distributors of all kinds are under pressure to optimize the processes of acquisition, inventory management, warehousing, sales, and distribution. In order to improve sales, margins, and customer satisfaction, many have expanded product offerings to include private-label and have also added profitable add-on services.   Request a FREE white paper here to help!

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Analytics for Industrial Distributors
jet reports enterprise analytics
Measure industrial supply and equipment distribution KPI’s and deliver information to management and customers. Can be gross profit by Customer, Item, or vendor for example. A good customer is one the generates a profit.  A good product is one that generates a positive contribution to gross margin.Find out how to see all of your business with a bright light. Ask us how
Better Forecasting for better bottom line.
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Keep inventory as low as possible while minimizing stock-outs, industrial supply and equipment distributors need to predict how many units of each item in inventory will be sold during a period, based on prior sales history. The cost of carrying “extra” inventory is balanced against the costs of not having an item when needed.
In addition to maintaining low inventory, our system rapidly identifies obsolete items.  By eliminating this excess inventory, your company a has a real, tangible advantage that increases margins. These savings go directly to the bottom line, and often, this has an even greater effect on profits than increased sales.
  • Best-Fit Formula Forecasting
  • Customer Collaborative Forecasting
  • DRP – Distribution Requirements Planning
    • * Hub & spoke branch replenishment
    • * Inventory Balancing
  • Container Planning
  • Reduced overall inventory investment
  • Improved customer service
  • Built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV for unprecedented visibility
Manage and enhance Service and Repair value added servicesWe help your Industrial supply or equipment distributor business organize your service resources for optimum efficiency, forecast and track parts consumption, proactively manage contracts and service agreements, and gain tighter control over costs. In addition, you’ll be able to build and establish long-term relationships with your customers with service-contract management and consistent logging and tracking of equipment and services.Also, with the availability of mobile service functionality, your field service teams can react quickly and maintain tight inventory control.
The tight integration with your administrative back-end system gives a tremendous reduction in administrative overhead. Industrial supplies and equipment distributors testify a 40 percent cost reduction on every order taken using Mobile Sales.Reducing paperwork increases the efficiency of the sales representatives up to 20 percent: more prospects can be visited as less time is spent pushing paper
Capture orders more efficiency and connect with customers all day, every day.Industrial Supply and equipment distributors can collect more orders and process them without adding staff. Also service existing customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Increased Customer Management NeedsWe work your industrial supply and equipment distribution business to utilize a crm system to help you organize and use customer data effectively, from any location, and improve your customer service for greater competitiveness.

Next Steps

As about how you can implement this system and pay for it with multiple options that make sense to your business.