Paper still is at the heart of many business processes. However, paper-based systems are hard to control and retrieving paper documents are both time consuming and expensive. The cost of filing, indexing, retaining, and retrieving documents within an organization can add significant overhead, especially if all of the documents that relate to a specific transaction or customer are stored in different locations and different formats.

Zetadocs-electronic document management and expense management for Dynamics NAV and Business Central are designed to effectively meet your paper-based document management challenges.  Furthermore, efficient processing and management of sales orders is vital for your customer relations and business growth. Handling the paperwork for each sale can be a manual and time-consuming process. Zetadocs helps speed this work up, encouraging better accuracy, so that you can generate revenue more quickly while improving your customers’ satisfaction, leading to referrals and repeat business.

Zetadocs can help NAV and Business Central clients run their business more better by:

Reducing costs related to filing, indexing, storing and retrieval of order-to-cash documents, by capturing incoming email orders and scanned paper documents electronically.

Increasing efficiency of the sales order process and reduce time spent sending confirmations, filing documents, and retrieving evidence so that you liberate time to spend more productively on other finance tasks,

Improving customer service by moving customer interaction on screen and responding more quickly to enquiries with all related documents instantly available within Microsoft Dynamics® 365 Business Central or NAV and the electronic archive.

Connecting Seamlessly with Business Central or NAV means you don’t need to leave the application to send documents or view and capture incoming documents.

Shrinking your carbon footprint by eliminating paper from your sales order process to help your organization meet its sustainability targets.

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