Security to your business has never been more critical and with the prevalent attacks that are common, it is vital to your company’s health to have in place the necessary safeguards and policies to prevent these threats.  We have been working with clients to help them with their Networking Security needs by providing the best solutions for both functionality and also affordability. Both of these criteria can be found in the utilization of FortiGate Firewalls.

FortiGate Firewalls are very affordable compared to similar solutions and have excellent filtering capabilities and functionality.  FortiGate Firewalls features include:

  • Web Filtering: You can monitor and control access to nearly 100 categories of websites with granularity of control by Active Directory users and groups.
  • Application Filtering:  Dangerous, high-bandwidth, or other non-business applications can be blocked with 18 categories of applications to select from.
  • Botnet Filtering:  The firewall maintains a list of over 32,000 botnet sites to block PC’s from being remotely controlled if they become compromised.
  • Antivirus Filtering:  The firewall blocks unencrypted malware at the firewall level, augmenting PC-based AV.
  • Safe Search Filtering:  You can force Google’s Safe and Bing’s Strict Filtering on both text and image searches from any browser.
  • Reporting:  Web-based reporting provides excellent monitoring & logging options.  You also get a daily summary of activity emailed to your inbox.
  • Robust Security: IPSec VPN access using two-factor authentication providing your employees safe & secure access to the corporate network from outside the office using either smartphone or text one-time passwords for greatly enhanced VPN security.  Even if an attacker had access to the username & password of an employee they couldn’t gain access to your network because they wouldn’t have the one-time password required for access.
  • Remote Office VPN: Site-to-site VPN access for remote office connectivity.
  • Internet Redundancy Protection: Redundant ISP’s for automated failover in the event of the primary Internet connection going down.  This includes options for Internet connectivity using Cellular networks as a low-cost backup when an additional cellular router is purchased. 

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