Receiving is another functionality designed to migrate the paper receiving process to a wireless device.  Once a purchase order has been entered into an ERP system, it is seamlessly transferred to the WMS (warehouse management software) where receivers await shipment. They are armed with wireless mobile computers that have integrated bar code scanners. In this post about warehouse management technology we will focus on the importance of receiving products correctly using WMS Software.

After an inbound shipment arrives at the warehouse, the receiving team will typically unload the truck and grab the paperwork to identify which purchase orders are being received.

The first job of the WMS Software is to receive items accurately into the warehouse and then reconcile the shipment against the original Receiving Functionality in Warehouse Management Technology purchase orders entered into your ERP system. Rather than using pen and paper to reconcile physical receipts, the receiver will bring up the purchase orders on a handheld computer. Once this is done, the receiver only needs to start identifying the product that is being unloaded (in no particular sequence).

With “best-in-breed” WMS Software, the receiver counts down against items being received right off of the container. It validates items against multiple purchase orders in the background, and then seamlessly updates your ERP system. No more paperwork!

Because a receipt is recorded as soon as items are entered into the handheld, stock may be immediately put away to a bin location. Bin location assignment following receipt may be automatic; stock can be transferred to a temporary receiving location if receipts are to be staged prior to put-away.

Most of the time, stock will be put-away following goods receipt.  If there are backorders waiting for product (standard or non-stock) or there is a “low stock alert,” stock may be put away directly to pick locations. Otherwise, stock handlers will move pallets into bulk locations (typically up in the pallet racks or on floor stacks).

Some of the highlighted benefits for accurate, efficient warehouse receiving include:

  • Receive multiple orders simultaneously in no sequence, without paperwork
  • Scan product bar code or use quick lookup functions to identify products as they are being received
  • Print carton or pallet-ID labels as product is being received
  • Receive multiple pack-sizes on the fly.
  • Cross-dock non-stock items to forward pick locations
  • Immediately put product away without staging

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