AccellosOne WMS is a “best in breed” warehouse inventory control system engineered for the proper supply chain management flow of goods.  In this short post, we will discuss one of the functionality inside AcellosOne WMS called Order Management.

Sales orders placed by phone, fax or email are typically entered into your ERP system manually using the Sales Order Entry function. Orders may also be placed using a B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce web-site, remote sales through mobile devices or by EDI.

As a result of sales orders being entered into your ERP system, the warehouse management software is immediately updated.Forklift in warehouse-2

Accellos One Warehouse is now responsible for orchestrating the order management activities. This is the prioritization of stock allocation and the assignment of work in the warehouse. The effectiveness of these tasks is critical to the efficiency of the warehouse and the service level that it provides.

Order management is a dynamic process that requires the flexibility to accommodate many different warehousing styles. Some sales orders need to be immediately released for today’s pick run. Some may be held for a future date with or without stock reservations.

Orders may be prioritized by backorder status, preferred customer status, fill rate, pick-up time, and truck route or by date. There are countless criteria by which orders are prioritized, allocated and released for picking.

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