Example 1:  Effective Zone Picking in the Video Distribution Industry

Videos are typically fast moving when newly released, and then slow down to a trickle over time.  Setting up a zone with pallet stacks or flow-racking to manage the distribution of newly released videos in volumes through Wave Picking allows pickers to effectively manage a small amount of SKU in a contained area.

Once the volume of sales on a video slows down, the remaining stock (usually a handful) is put into static shelves with many thousand other titles. It is more effective to have a separate zone laid out to handle a batch picking strategy for “catalogue” titles.

Example 2:  Effective Zone Picking in “Non-Food” Grocery

This non-food grocery example is a distributor of “grocery accessories” that would be shipped to a grocery store including utensils, bottle openers, batteries, scissors, tape, pens, etc. Thousands of SKU are stored and picked for orders that have hundreds of line items.

If one picker were tasked with picking an entire order, it would take a minimum of 2-3 hours per order.  Instead, multiple zones are set up to span across 5 rows of flow racking (behind rows of conveyor) where pickers are using Simultaneous Zone and Wave picking features to divide the picking task across as many pickers as required to get an order out the door in the allotted amount of time.

The additional benefit is that pickers are not required to travel more than a few feet across the zone (minimizing travel time, increasing lines/hour picked).

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