We have years of experience working with supply chain, ecommerce solutions, integrations to third party services, as well as data sharing with customers and business partners.

We help companies drive more profit by eliminating or reducing manual processes. We also help to drive more sales from existing customers and increase your customer base by making it easier to do business with you.

IntegrationsBlue Business Connection

internet web adress

Ecommerce and cloud based storefronts. 

We can help by connecting your ecommerce site (self hosted or cloud based) to your accounting or ERP system. Don’t have one or both of these? No problem. We also offer the latest ERP and Ecommerce solutions that work seamlessly together.eCommerce Connections

We have done integrations to services such as

  • Amazon storefront
  • Channel Advisor
  • Google Checkout
  • Volusion
  • and more…

Custom interfaces



Have data you want to share with trading partners or customers? That is fine we can help with that also. We can deploy integrations to warehousing systems, handheld systems, and mobile applications.

Fulfillment partner kiosks

Want to be the sole provider of your products for a given customer or group of customers? We can help with that. Simply offer a kiosk at their store(s) to make the ordering or purchasing much easier for them.


Mobile Apps


We have created mobile apps to help customers drive more customer loyalty by offering more value added services. This makes it much easier for your customer to business with you rather than your competitor. One idea is simply managing inventory at your customer’s location that you actually own. This allows them to only pay for inventory when they use it. Ask us how this works by clicking here…


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