Another good “must have” with Warehouse Management Software is Multi-Zone functionality.

Multiz-Zone functionality is typically designed to allow the flexibility to define multiple zones within the warehouse and set up discrete rules within each bin.

A “Zone” is a is a group of bins defining a specific area in the warehouse. Zones may be actual physical areas, such as ground floor and mezzanine. Or, may be logical division, such as picks bins or bulk bins.

Great efficiency can be realized by the following multi-zone functionality features such as:

  • Restricting Allocation based on Zone: include zones for picking, include zones for replenishment, exclude zones for allocation
  • Multiple pickers working on the same sale order(s) in different zones
  • Optimized allocation in zone sequence
  • Calculating the number of labels to print based on zone when waving sales orders
  • Ability to define a separate label printer for each zone, and scatter wave labels to multiple printers
  • Multiple pickers can work on the same sale order(s) in different areas(zones)
  • Allows physical divisions in the warehouse, often with unique handling requirements (for example, mezzanine, freezer, flow rack); preference to pick inventory first, based on zone (rather than FIFO)

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Posted By: iCepts Technology Group, Inc.-An Accellos One Warehouse Management Systems Partner in Pennsylvania