A growing business trend is employing Cloud Computing in some fashion. Cloud Computing involves the storing of information (data and programs) over the internet rather than a computers’ physical hard drive. More and more business utilize some form of Cloud Computing for; Flexibility, Disaster Recovery Planning, Universal Accessibility over the Internet, Security, Automatic Updates and more.

Our Cloud Computing Services include:

  • Securely Hosting Web Services , FTP Servers, or other Internet Facing ServersCloud Computing
  • Cloud-Based replication of Windows Servers for Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cloud Storage Options
    • Utilize low-cost cloud backups.
    • Outsource web hosting.
    • Leverage cloud Infrastructure hosting.
    • Store encrypted & compressed SQL backups long-term for $20/month.
    • Store office documents in the cloud to reduce local computing resources, implement better sharing, and provide access from all devices.

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