Changes in Accellos One Warehouse 63.01.0003

The new version of Accellos One Warehouse contains added functionality, new install manuals and requirements guides, change management improvements, and fixes.

Added Functionality

Wave Order Consolidation Logic

We added a process step for visibility, improved the logic to allow operation with more ERP integrations, added logic for auto-dividing down freight and created a packslip to sort by consolidated order for added clarity.

Accellos One Ship Integration Requirements

Accellos has released A1Ship — an advanced shipping solution — and to take advantage of the most seamless integration without modifications, this release has all that is required to integrate from the start.

Accellos One Pinpoint Requirements

If you haven’t seen our Workspace solution and vision, then you really need to! This release supports the Pinpoint for Warehouse requirements for field structure and some additional of field structure for Accellos One Schedule and Accellos One Bill.

Handheld Graphical Interface Changes

We noted that different versions of Windows Mobile interpreted standard HTML code differently, so we invested in modifications to adapt to these unique and individual requirements. Now the graphical handhelds display correctly on Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 and 6.5. No issues have been found with Windows CE.

New Install Manuals and Requirements Guides

Accellos One Warehouse 63.01.0003 Install Guide

This install guide is packed with hints and assistance to ensure your installation into 2008 R2 is as seamless and easy as possible.

Accellos One Warehouse Product Compatibility Matrix V1

This new guide centralizes information about the products, integrations and prerequisites that are supported, and in what combinations, to make it easier for you to know how to prepare properly.

Change Management Visibility

We are finalizing an XML update process so that sites, support and partners can be fully informed of changes made in a system. This document will be updated with each change made — whether custom, patching or tweaking of files — making it easier for all parties to identify unique or updated items in the system.

63.01.0003 Release Notes

This is a compilation of our additional logic and fixes in this support release, providing you as much detail as possible on the specific changes.

Updated Documents

We have updated various pre-existing documents.

Overall, the team really came together and invested heavily in this support release to provide as much of what had been requested and with as much stability as possible. Our Support team hopes that this release and the documentation provided are well received and help you and your team have the best possible experience with Accellos One Warehouse!