When you can increase the visibility of orders throughout your operation—from order entry to picking and shipment status—you can keep fulfillment on track and provide accurate answers to customer inquiries.

Because the solution features tight integration with the Microsoft® Office system, business information remains right at your fingertips even when you’re working in familiar applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook®, Microsoft Office Word, or Microsoft Office Excel®. That means your people can rapidly reference account data, price lists, inventory records, and shipping histories to quickly answer customer questions and provide comprehensive service.

Save time with self-service and Web-based access to information

Give customers and suppliers self-service capabilities through the Internet without compromising information security. Self-service options can range from requests for quotes to delivery confirmations and invoicing. These self-service capabilities can help trim the cost of transactions and free your people for more complex tasks while streamlining customer support, billing, and replenishment activities. In addition, remote employees such as sales representatives or service teams can be productive anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also offers an easy alternative way for employees to work with business information on the company’s intranet. Employee Portal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a Web-based interface where people can view almost all company data online through a Web browser rather than through the solution application itself. The presentation of information in this framework is intuitive and requires very little training because it looks and feels like the other Microsoft programs. By defining roles and access rights for your people and valued supply chain partners, you can control access to sensitive business information while extending other information and processes to the people who need them.

Finally, the solution’s integration also supports improved collaboration between departments and with suppliers and customers. You can make business information and documents available to team members and help ensure fast, efficient interaction and teamwork through collaboration portals using Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007. In addition, any SharePoint document may be linked to a record or transaction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For instance, using SharePoint, you could link a Word document detailing a test specification to an item card or a quality assurance report to a purchase order return. That means supporting documents can be accessed directly from information within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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